Mood Music: How music can help your meeting

Have you ever used music as an escape?


Maybe you use music as motivation at the gym or toss in your headphones in at work to drown out the office chatter. Maybe you only tune in on your drive to and from work.

Whether you realize it or not, your mind is affected greatly by your choice to listen to music while multitasking. Obviously music plays a large role in mood but beyond that, music of any kind triggers many different parts of the human mind.

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“When you hear music listening also involves the memory centers in the brain, such as the hippocampus and lowest parts of the frontal lobe,” Brain World Magazine explains. “Tapping along with the music gets your cerebellum involved. Reading music involves the visual cortex, and listening to or recalling lyrics will involve language centers in the temporal and frontal lobes.”

For a long time music was considered a “right-brain” activity - in reference to the highly regarded theory that the right side of the brain is connected to creativity thought and the left side of the brain is connected to analytic thought. Through many studies scanning the brain scientists have found now that music actually stimulates both sides of the brain.

This means music can be a big changer in your meetings.

A lot of collaborate work requires the brain to go through certain stresses that music can help combat. Music has proven to both elevate mood and fight fatigue in any setting. More importantly science has shown that the right music, played at a moderate level, raises creative performances.


For the meeting itself, we reflect the locale across all senses - from locally inspired beverage and food breaks, to sights, scents and sounds that set the mood for your meeting. Your table settings even include interactive elements to keep guests engaged - elevating the mood and stimulating sensory memory to enhance recall.

We know that when you’re in crunch time and need your team to come up with ideas and solutions, you want to make sure every detail in the meeting space is set for success. That’s where the “E” in REN meetings comes in.

When you enter a REN Meeting space you’ll notice the unique scent, textured walls, and of course, the music. We know that there are times where silence is key so it’s best to turn the volume all the way down, but we also know that creative work thrives off of a curated soundtrack like the one created by our REN Meeting experts.

Let us help you fight stress and distract you from tiredness. Next time you enter a REN Meeting space try keeping the beat going just a bit longer...

Tamanna Khurana