Your Holiday Party Revamped (Yes, you should start planning now)

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Planning the office holiday party can sometimes seem like a punishment.

  1. You think you have the pressure to make sure everyone is having fun.

  2. Booking entertainment is exhausting (we’re writing this in February for a reason, entertainment books up FAST for the holidays).

  3. It seems like it could be stressful keeping HR happy.

  4. There are so many decisions: classic turkey dinner buffet or Moroccan Christmas (get it)? Who’s going to play Santa? How much liquor are we going to consume? Just ask Phyllis from NBC’s The Office.

Again, there’s a reason you’re reading about Holiday parties in February. You might still be taking down your office decorations but venues are picking up bookings for those prime Friday and Saturday night slots. Class acts like duelling pianos, sexy magicians, and improv shows are being booked 10 months in advance. We’re not here to make you panic though, we’re here to say that Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel can take away that stress.

Let’s talk about making decisions to make everyone happy:

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  1. Imagine not having to pick between turkey and butter chicken? Yes, holiday butter chicken is totally a thing in 2019. Our social holiday parties revamp the party game with a more interactive set up. Let’s make people really happy. Switch out the overdone buffet line for multiple chef attended stations: turkey dinner stacked in martini glasses, an Indian inspired butter chicken station, and freshly grilled maple glazed salmon on risotto made in front of your guest’s eyes. How about you save the buffet style just for a massive dessert bar? Your guests will be excited to jump from station to station to discover a varied menu with options for every picky eater and foodie alike. Plus it means they’re going to interact with more than the seven other people at their own table.

  2. Also, do you really want tables to be the centre of attention when that could be the bar? Our unique circular bar is a Renaissance Edmonton exclusive feature in our lounge setting. Multiple bartenders and the wide surface space make sure your guests are not waiting in awkward lineups. Instead they’re grabbing a front row to the bartender’s action and getting those extra few minutes to chat up their thirsty neighbours. Let’s be honest, it’s also just a WOW factor unlike any other.

  3. We like our Christmas Tree but HR will agree, mistletoe is just a bad idea for holiday decor. It’s 2019. Let us transform your party into a Winter Wonderland or Starry Night with our state of the art wall projections and lighting. Did we mention we can customize the projections with your company logo? Opt to have the roof covered in a silver glow and have snow falling down the walls - minus the actual cold.

  4. Did you know our Navigator Concierge can help you book entertainment? No emailing six companies back and forth. No Googling “office party magicians” (honestly we have some amazing adult magicians on hand though). Give our Navigator Concierge team a budget or an idea of the guest’s preferences and they can come up with a list of options with prices and contacts.

As for HR- Uhm we’ll just make sure they have such a memorable party that they can’t complain.

Boom. Problem(s) solved.

Inquire with a Renaissance sales representative to begin planning your wildest, most creative, and most memorable holiday party yet!

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Tamanna Khurana