Audio, Visual, and SO much more!

There are certain “trends” in 2019 that you can ignore, like cargo pants and bike shorts making a fashion comeback, but meeting trends aren’t something you can turn your head away from.

Two out of the three current meeting trends are important, Experience Focused Meetings and Wellness Inspired Meetings, which you can learn more about here. The third trend isn’t just important, it’s essential. Advanced Technology in meetings, conferences, and events aren’t a flashy add on anymore. Meeting goers have certain expectations and every day that expectation for Audio/Visual and technology raises. Everything is expected to be small, portable, and high-speed.

At Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel we strive to give our clients and guests the best. We love to work but know if we want to have time for play our meetings have to be run efficiently and technology is key in this. No one should be yelling into 20 year old Polycoms or spending 30 minutes trying to find where to connect a wire.

Even more importantly, no one should be charged arm and leg for each cord, stand, and speaker they need to make their meeting a success. That’s why all A/V technology rental is sold as packages at a very reasonable price. Plus, the majority of add ons to audio/visual equipment are included in rental, including technicians to assist with equipment. All of the revenue from these rental packages is used directly to constantly refresh our A/V equipment so we can ensure our technology stays up to date and up to your standard.

No matter how big or small the event or how simple of complicated the A/V is, a Renaissance EIA Banquet leader will ensure it’s set up and that the attendees are comfortable with it prior to the meeting.


Polycom systems- Our Polycoms can be set up for up to 30 attendees in a variety of set ups thanks to our ability to connect the polycom through the house sound system to amplify volume, and the use of Mic Extensions (AKA Spider Mics) to pick up audio throughout the room while only take up a miniscule amount of space.


4 Channel Mixer- Our most basic sound system is easy to use without the help of a technician. Our Banquet staff with ensure that it’s set up to use and will walk you through how to adjust volume for up to four inputs.

 8 Channel mixer or 16 Channel Mixer - These mixers are able to transform your audio for larger events of events with more audio needs. They can easily control tune and pitch. These rentals require our audio technician to run - but don’t worry, that’s included in the rental price!


Mics- We’re able to give three options for mics: lapel mics, wireless mics, or wired. All have their own unique strengths and our A/V experts can help pick out the right fit for you and your event. Plus we’re equipped with a Feedback Destroyer to clean up sound

Speakers- Our state of the art JBL speakers come in pairs and include a pair of subwoofers. Depending on the the size and requirements of the event we can pair the speakers with draping to help minimalize feedback (did you know draping did that?!) while giving an elegant look.



Projection types- Depending on your needs we have different types of projectors and screens to suit your meeting: Front floor, Rear floor projection (only with fastfold screens), and Tripod. The screens are available as either 10 ft or 8 ft. All projection can be projected to 4 screens from single laptop with use of an HDMI/VGA Spliter with an extra charge.

Bonus:Fast fold screen package comes with draping kit, wall to wall pipe and drape and uplights.

Another insider tip: Our podium and stage can be fixed with a confidence monitor to allow speakers to maintain visual with crowd


Social Events

Experiences- This is where we can truly create audio visual experiences with themes like starry sky or snowfall. We have the ability to create custom cinemagraphs to be projected on walls just for your event and Intelligent Lighting can be loaded with many different scenes with varying colours, GOBOs and many other effects. GOBOs are custom stencil projected lights that can be made within a week to feature logos, text or more.

Our Leeko Lights can host larger versions of a GOBO with larger projection or be used for large scale lighting effects like refracting lights across ceiling.

Of course we also have classic Up Lights to add colour to wall space.

Our Cruiser cocktail tables are able to rotate colours, fade, flash, or strobe to add an extra WOW factor to your theme or company colours and our Standard Renaissance Bars can match with a mix of Up lightning or one our custom Renaissance EIA bars. We can create circular bars to help with your more “thirsty” events. These Circular bars are larger and have a modern chic style with lighting and other effects (more customizable).

Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel for their service in ensuring our conference was a success. The Event Manager helped us determine the correct Audio Visual equipment we needed, and the technician assisted us during the meeting to ensure everything went off without a hitch. It was great to have the technician sit in throughout our meeting to be there in case of any unforeseen issues.
— Jennifer, Corporate Event Planner
Tamanna Khurana