FEASTival: It's not a competition...

There are a lot of reasons we love FEASTival of Fine Chefs:

  1. It’s a great event that supports local industry and local culinary arts.

  2. It helps develop young chefs.

  3. It’s truly an event like no other.

  4. Being surrounded by so much food is all of our dreams coming true.

  5. We flipping kick butt at FEASTival.


FEASTival has been an Edmonton tradition celebrating Chefs on the largest scale with 15 establishments and 1000 guests. This year marked their 30th anniversary. This year was also our own Executive Chef Andrew Ihasz’s 10th year participating, and the Renaissance Hotel’s 4th year (since before we were even open)! That might just give us a little advantage on September 19th this year…

Even with a decade of experience, FEASTival is no easy feat. Chefs are given an ingredient hamper just 24 hours before the event and must come up with a Four-Course menu for 60 guests to be served from a live kitchen the next night at the Shaw Conference Centre. It’s easy to want to take shortcuts and create courses that are just quick to prep and serve. The thing is, Chef Andrew, Executive Sous Chef Moe Eddine, and their team don’t take shortcuts. Quality is always at the forefront of what they do.

We’re proud to say that we were one of the few (if not only) vendors of the 15 at FEASTival who consistently served fresh, hot plates. Not to brag even more, but we also consistently had significantly larger portion sizes (Chef Andrew and Chef Moe never really got on that trend of small portion sizes... oops).

You can drool over these:

Untitled design.png
FEASTival FoH.jpg

Ok, we know, FEASTival isn’t a competition. We’re just saying, if it was, we know it’s be an easy one for us. We’re confident because of Chef Andrew and Chef Moe have the most creative courses, the kitchen team has expert execution, and well, the front of house team just looks good.

There’s a lot we bring to the table as a hotel and venue. We have eye popping event space, high end A/V equipment, expertly trained staff. Let’s be honest though, we’re at the table for the food. There’s no one better than Chef Andrew and Chef Moe to put that food on the table. It’s really not a competition.

Tamanna Khurana