WTF is a Navigator?!

“So you’re the Navigator? Does that mean you’re going to fly the plane?”

No, even though we’re attached to the airport, Your Renaissance Edmonton Airport Navigator Concierge will not be flying your flight out of EIA.

What is the Navigator Concierge Program?

The Navigator Concierge program is a unique Renaissance value where the concierge is not a guide, but a discoverer as well. They want to know every hidden gem in the city and won’t rest until they are the ultimate expert.

Beyond helping your discoverers, the Navigator Concierge can also help create unscripted moments for our corporate clients. They have all the fun secrets on how to spice up your afternoon meeting with a Bar Ritual, or wow your colleagues with a custom tour around the area! Even better, our Navigators can hook your team up with private tours of local distilleries (moonshine or vodka anyone?), set up wild adventures at Elk Island National Park, or snag the coolest private dining experiences around town!

Ask your sales representative on how our Navigators can help make your meetings and events unforgettable.

What is a Navigator?

A Navigator is an expert in the field of discovery. They are in touch with the top festivals, the underground bars, and know the connections to get you into the most talked about restaurants. While it sounds a lot like a concierge, your Navigator is more than that because their job is to be connected with the local community. Our Navigators are committed to promoting only independent, indigenous, and intriguing discoveries around the Edmonton International Airport and the city itself.

When a guest stops at the Navigator desk they enter a world of discovery, from the unique features and amenities at our hotel, to fully created itineraries for you Edmonton visit. When they come to the Navigator desk they’re not sitting with a concierge, they’re walking through the story of our locale!

We know our guests are discoverers seeking unscripted moments no matter where or why they travel. Our Navigator Concierge bring this to life.

Who are our Navigators?


Favourite Bar: Baiju is without a doubt one of the best cocktail bars in this city. The drinks are killer, try a teapot or a green tea and Hennessy shot. Of course the bartenders are top notch, they attract a fun crowd and the DJ is always spinning good music. Great atmosphere and a great location.

Favourite Restaurant:  Chartier Amazing French themed cuisine, the decor is gorgeous, great atmosphere, the people are fantastic and always welcome you with a smile, the food is delicious, and always changing.

Favourite Attraction:  Muttart Conservatory one of the Edmonton gems, I love this place an usually take my time wandering through four different climates and discovering all the plants. the shape of pyramids remind me always of the great Egyptian pyramids.

Favourite city to travel: Neuchâtel I love the small fashion boutiques in the downtown area. Old castles, and within two minutes’ walk there’s a beautiful lake. party, eating, making BBQ near the Lake and swimming in the lake. No cars, no noise just water, mountains. It’s absolutely the paradise for me.

Live Life to Discover Means to me the fun atmosphere, being creative and enjoy every minute I spend between my coworkers and guests.



Favourite Bar: Woodwork is an Edmonton classic for cocktail bars. They’re always on the cutting edge of the mixology world with unique concepts like health conscious drinks or tiki nights! Plus it’s the kind of place you can go and say “make me anything.”

Favourite Restaurant:  Sabor is a great reflection of Edmonton cuisine. It’s fusion of Argentinian, Spanish, and portuguese cuisine reflects the mosaic that this city is. Chef Lino is a born and raised North Edmonton boy and has traveled the world to bring so many flavours to Sabor. A must try is the Lobster Risotto!

Favourite Attraction:  The Edmonton River Valley is truly a thing of wonder as the largest urban green space in North America (take that Central Park)! There are endless trails with quieter bits on the south or north end, gorgeous views downtown, and even beaches and bays to wander down by the water. It’s ideal for a short break or a day out in the park.

Favourite city to travel: There are few cities as intriguing as Belfast, Northern Ireland. They’re in the midst of mass changes after recovering from The Troubles so it’s so exciting to see so many new restaurants, bars, and attractions come alive right in front of you. The city is the perfect balance of Irish beauty and Belfast grit.

Live Life to Discover means that there is always a new adventure around the corner, it’s just up to us to keep searching for it!

Tamanna Khurana