No Matter Where or Why you Travel...

No matter where or why you travel, there’s always something wonderfully new to be found.

At Renaissance we truly believe in that statement. To other hotels a guest might be a corporate traveller or a family, but to Renaissance every guest is a DISCOVERER. We support independent, indigenous, and intriguing activities in our locale because we know our Discoverers truly appreciate creating unscripted moments that cannot be recreated.

Here at Renaissance Edmonton Airport hotel we’re so excited when guests take advantage of our Navigator Concierge program to make the most of their Edmonton visit. Our Navigators are stocked with the inside scoop on all the local restaurants, shops, and attractions.

However we know that often our guests don’t have time to discover the locale. Just because you’re here for meetings, a short overnight layover, or a staycation doesn’t mean you won’t discover something new. Like we said, no matter where or why you travel…

Every Renaissance Hotel design worldwide reflects the locale. Renaissance Edmonton is inspired by the aurora borealis, being the gateway to the north, or perfectly put: we are Curiously Arctic.

Check out all of our hyperlocal discoveries right on our property!



What’s with the boot prints? Many guests are confused about the carpet in our SkyBridge but we have a great reason for the custom created carpets; it’s a homage to the hard working blue collar Edmontonians, Albertans, and Northerners who built the city into what it is today. Our natural resource industry is an integral part of our culture here and an essential part of Edmonton’s history.


The colourful lights through our SkyBridge, behind our R-Life Stage, and on the exterior of the building represent the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Edmonton is the most northern major city in North America. That means it’s cold, but it also means that many times a year you can see the dancing northern lights right in the city! If you visit Elk Island National park just 20 minutes east of Edmonton they’re often even brighter.


Oh my god, look at that butt! Our jean wall tells a bit of forgotten Edmonton history. The Great Western Garment Company began during Edmonton’s boom in 1911 and one of the first places to welcome women in the workforce. During it’s nearly 100 years of business it was most famous for producing classic blue jeans, especially after being bought by Levi’s in 1961. Unfortunately the factory closed down in 2004 but for a long time is was a great part of Edmonton’s economy.


Did you know that just 20 minutes East of Edmonton is the largest reserve of wild roaming bison in the world? You can have close encounters with these gentle giants and hundreds of other birds, fish, and mammals at Elk Island National Park. Our private lounge seat cushions are a rendering of a focal point of the park: the island on the beautiful Astotin Lake.

leduc chair.JPG

Aside from being proudly Edmontonian, we are also proud to be a part of the Leduc County community at EIA. Our custom designed lounge chairs feature a comic book style of Leduc’s defining symbols, the oil rig and airplanes departing from EIA!


It’s hard to focus in on just one thing in our wonderful Library. If you make your way to the far corner you’ll find our Leather Belt wall. This piece of art was designed by a local artist and created with 100% genuine Alberta leather. Leather goes hand in hand with the cowboy culture that engulfs our prairie province.

Tamanna Khurana