Hello neighbour! Red Cup Distillery Moves Next Door!


Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel is very excited to welcome our new neighbours, Red Cup Distillery!

Red Cup Distillery just moved in the Edmonton International Airport area after operating in Vegreville since 2015. The distillery is run by Rob and Barb De Groot who were inspired by Northern Alberta’s rich history with moonshine, native to the area since the World War 2 prohibition era when moonshine was a better option than finding bootlegged rum. Moonshine was traditionally 100% natural and made using only local ingredients. This is the tradition that Red Cup Distillery upholds.

Their moonshine is made of rye, wheat, and barley farmed in the Vegreville area. Every part of production is done in their distillery, right across from us at Renaissance. Barb and Rob love inviting guests to come see how they malt, mash, and double distill the mix into moonshine. The product has a delightful scent, reminiscent of a bakery, and the strong taste is comparable to a stiff whisky.

Whether you’re at Renaissance with a group, or just stopping in for a layover, your Navigators can arrange a tour and tasting with Barb and Rob. Barb will walk you through where each ingredient comes from and how each piece of equipment is custom made locally for the distillery.


In the summer the large garage doors open to an unobstructed runway view unlike any other accessible spot at EIA. The warehouse like space is also home to an adorable farm style cocktail area, the perfect retreat after a long morning in the boardroom. The room is brought to life with bright red tables, barn doors, and fences. If you’re lucky you will be joined by Eddie on your tour and visit. Eddie is the friendliest of furry hosts, showing you all his favourite parts of the distillery and is great company during the tasting. He does accept belly rubs as payment.

If you have an extra hour or two during your next conference, meeting, or stay, inquire with us about booking a tour at Red Cup Distillery. A true family owned business, Barb and Rob are very accommodating for time and types of visits. Whether you want to spend an hour or four, they can help entertain your guests. Plus, our shuttle can drive you around the corner for a safe, easy, and quick ride!

Tamanna Khurana