Meetings Reimagined

“Okay everyone in the conference room. Five minutes!”- Michael Scott, The Office (NBC)

Few employees enjoy long, bleak, conference room meetings. Even worse, an employer who holds every office party in that same conference room. While it was amusing to watch this take place on NBC’s The Office, you probably don’t want your employees to think of you as a Michael cott type. As interior designer Sherry Burton Ways writes in her book Feel Good spaces, the environment your meetings take place in can make a world of a difference for creativity and productivity.

“Marketing research has shown that approximately 80% of what we perceive or experience is based upon the visual sense of our environment,” she explains. “Most office design is uninspired. Therefore, work environments create uninspired and stressful employees.”

Having a memorable meeting space ensures the work that was accomplished there is just as memorable. The refreshing change of pace sticks with employees. Little things like lighting, colour, and decor can add stress on employees. Every colour palette adds a dimension to the way the mind works, so a delicate balance of colours is far better for productivity than a regular monotone office setting.

After the meeting is over, the last place you want to treat your staff at is at the same location. The stress of work often sits in the same room, but once you leave that space, even just out the door, the vibe can completely change.

Whether it’s a meeting or an event, getting out of a dull workplace is key. Think of that teacher in grade school who would have class outside on a spring day. Ok, so there’s not going to be a great Wifi connection out in the field by your workplace, but there are other options.

At Renaissance Edmonton Renaissance Airport Hotel we have more than a couple unique meeting & event spaces:



There are few things quite as glamorous as our 8th floor penthouse. Give your intimate event the VIP makeover by hosting employees or clients in the modern and spacious living area, with its multiple flat screen TVs, grand dining table, and custom designed seating areas. As a bonus feature, our penthouse comes with a state of the art Japanese Bidet Toilet… to give your guests the complete luxury experience.






Our library area shouts WOW! as soon as you step in. The dim lit room next to our reception has a clubhouse feel to it with it’s mixed array of chairs, booths, and sofas. The spaces oozes comfort and elegance at the same time. Plus it’s filled with our Renaissance infusers. While there isn’t a proven science behind aromatherapy, calming scents can be an element of a healthy and thriving workplace.  





Club Lounge

Collaborative work spaces are becoming more and more popular for a reason. While they started as a cost effective space for start up companies, the benefits of having different viewpoints from different industries became clear quickly. Innovation comes from collaboration and creative minds coming together, and our Club Lounge gives you that environment. For a small cost you can access the private shared area which has its own business centre and snack bar, plus hosts only our top business clientele.





Amsterdam & Reykjavik Room at EIA

Access to the Reykjavik Room at Edmonton International Airport is something only an airport hotel can give you. The space looks right onto the EIA runway and has to be accessed by walking through the airport. The foyer area has vast windows to watch planes take off and land over the Alberta prairies. The windows allow natural light into the space, changing the atmosphere completely. Studies have proven that natural lighting promotes productivity, improves your health, and has positive effects on mood.





Our Lobby Arcade has even larger windows than the Reykjavik room, has the scent of our Library, and the luxury of our Penthouse, plus it has a Starbucks Coffeehouse! Perhaps our most unconventional space, there are many ways the open area in our Lobby can we used, from cocktail receptions to galley spaces. Being in a space surrounded by people adds an extra pressure to be productive. This is a great benefit especially for networking events!

Tamanna Khurana