WIN HOUSE GALA: Winners all around

In August this year we were so excited to announce that 2018 would be one of our strongest years for giving back to both the local and global community. Now as the year beings to wrap up we’re even more excited to share the news of how successful this year really was by featuring the WIN House Under the Umbrella Gala.

WIN House works with women and children escaping unsafe situations, giving them a roof over their head and the opportunity and resources needed for them to have their own independence. This year on November 3rd they celebrated their 50th Anniversary and set the scene to empower women for at least another 50 years. All of us at Renaissance EIA were so proud to sponsor the event and be a part of it’s success.

We try pretty hard to impress, especially at events so close to our heart. We can prove it if you watch our recap video. It’s a little taste (and sip) of what a REN event looks like!

Tamanna Khurana