Business Unusual. Breaks Unusual.

What do we mean when we talk about having “inspired meetings?” It’s about creating genuine unscripted moments that boost creativity, focus, and energy in your meetings and also leaves lasting impressions well after the meetings are over.

There are countless things that set R.E.N. meetings apart from sensory elements to culinary excellence but we’re always striving to find new ways to make your meetings, conferences, and events more memorable. Beyond the WOW factor for your attendees we understand the power of fun breaks that reboost energy and creative thought. The Harvard Business Review says that breaks also prevent burn out plus they allow employees take a step back and see if they’re accomplishing what they need to accomplish in the most efficient way.

We are BUSINESS UNUSUAL and so excited to announce that we are launching a new interactive break almost every month in the new year. We’ll feature the unique break through the month but we know you might love one so much that our sales team can definitely assist you in incorporating them whenever you need.


January Resolution Boost!

A simple 15 minutes chair yoga break with our in house certified yoga instructor can reset your mental strength, especially through the long dark Edmonton winter. Desiree Joy Yoga offers a variety of longer yoga breaks too, but this little break is most efficient for time.


February Sweetheart SweetTooth

Our Executive Sous Chef Moe Eddine is a sweetheart with a sweettooth. He loves to create unique desserts and explain his process so we’ll give you the opportunity to help him as he preps his favourite dessert. Plus you get to try it!


March Winter Warm Up

Our Chef’s Table dining room is unlike anything you’ve seen. It’s tucked in the heart of our state of the art banquet kitchen and is only accessed by walking through the action. Inside we’ll have an exclusive coffee break waiting for you with a view of the action.


April Spring Shake Up

We’re not saying Executive Chef Andrew enjoys serving up healthy breaks as much as he enjoys cooking his signature mouthwatering steak, but he does have the recipes for some killer smoothies. We really believe there’s nothing he doesn’t perfect. We serve the smoothies in an environmentally friendly reusable bottle for attendees to take home along with the recipe to recreate the smoothie!


May Cocktails 101

Figure out your 5 to 9 plans with our HALO bartender. He’ll guide you through making the perfect cocktail for happy hour whether it’s an Old Fashioned or our Perfect Manhattan. We’ll bring you a simple recipe and all the goods to show you how ideally recreate them at home. We think the end result is a great bonus to enjoy too.


June Library break

Get a change of scenery for your break with a trip to the cozy lobby Library. Enjoy a book themed snack with coffee and tea, and take advantage of the quiet space, dim lights, and comfy couches. A simple change of scenery can go miles in a mental reset!


September Action Station

What’s better than a food break? A food break where you get to make the choices. Our chef attended stations range from make your own poutine to loaded iced treats! I mean we can do salads too, but we’re getting you ready for the winter ahead.


October Stress Relief (Non Michael Scott Edition)

Enjoy short chair massages from Escape Wellness right in your meeting room to help get the creativity flowing again! Our certified Register Massage Therapists can bring their chair massage right into your meeting room and give short massages to relax tense shoulders, or set up a station around the corner.


November Moonshine Warm Up

Barb from Red Cup Craft Distillery will come visit with a special treat that’s kept Albertans warm through the winter for decades. She’ll explain her delicate Moonshine recipe and show the best ways to enjoy the misunderstood beverage!


December Holiday Cheer with Local Chocolates

Take a break with an exclusive tasting of Jacek or Violet chocolates (depending upon availability). The Edmonton favourites use locally sourced ingredients for all their unique flavoured chocolates to match the season.

Tamanna Khurana