Food Trends for 2018 In Your Meetings & Events

1. Custom Cocktails

We love food at Renaissance but we’ve got to stay true to our beverage forward ways. There’s nothing quite like that perfect whisky cocktail that kicks the soul during an Edmonton winter, or that not-too-sweet delight on a hot summer day. Custom cocktails are that special add on at any event that can easily tie together all the details. Imagine banquet dinner paired with a cocktail matching your company colours, or a wedding reception with bartenders stirring up the bride & groom's favourite flavours. Our certified bartenders have decades of experience in mixology. They know how to balance flavours like a chemist, they understand the art of presentation that goes the extra mile to WOW guests, and they’re ready to sit down with you to create your dream drink.



2. Veggies, no longer just a side piece.

Food trends have seen consumers slowly switching from meat heavy diets to veganism, vegetarianism, or something called “flexitarian”, where meat is just limited. Even ridged meat eaters can’t deny how delicious avocado is as protein on a salad. Using locally sourced and seasonal vegetables means there are always new flavours being added onto the plate. You’ve probably noticed, but cauliflower is a total rockstar now and kale is no longer reigning supreme. Other hearty vegetables like brussel sprouts are are able to soak up so much spice and there’s no compromise on feeling full after. Mushrooms are a particular favourite for prairie chefs since they can be brought in fresh year round and different types can manipulate flavour in unique ways. Our mushroom soup at Renaissance alone has 16 different types of mushrooms! Plus there are mouth watering options like our passed Baby Spinach Fork with black mission fig, goat cheese, spicy honey and green apple vinaigrette. Vegetables are more flavourful than ever!


3. World Influence

As the world around us becomes more connected, fusion flavours are becoming more of the norm. While South Asian flavours have been steadily growing for decades, Central and South American flavours have skyrocketed lately. Young eaters are more adventurous than ever and want more variety and spice in their meals. Meat and potatoes have been traded out for the likes of butter chicken, ramen, and of course fan favourite tacos. In the Instagram era of food, the last thing anyone wants to see is boring. Latin and Asian foods are often vibrant with colour, making them picture perfect. Our chef attended stations offer options for “Make your own Tacos” or even a locally inspired “97 Street” Chinatown Station. Our diverse kitchen staff ensure every part of the dish tastes authentic so your guests aren’t just fed, but have unique experience you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


4. Snacks vs. Meals

Tapas are taking over the world and it’s changing food trends in Canada. Many people are opting to snack through the day rather than three large meals. Think quick bites, but without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re trapping the team in the boardroom for a day or inviting 300 guests to dance the evening away, small plates and snacks are a must now. Every meeting at Renaissance includes an option for fun snacks like chocolate rice krispies or custom trail mix. For more glamour at larger events, our chef attended stations bring action to your guests. There are options like taco stations, seafood stations or small plates with fan favourite mushroom risotto balls. If you’re feeling for even more fun, late night buffets are a fun way to energize your guests. We thought outside the box for our Midnight Breakfast option, or Canadian Poutine Station.



5. Keep it Local

Last but not least, eating local isn’t a new trend, but a food trend that has become timeless, especially at Renaissance. Locally sourced ingredients go so much farther than simply being fresh. Shopping and encouraging local growth versus supporting chains is a value that conscious consumers care about. While it starts with farmers markets and local bistros, the demand for sustainable eating is quickly spreading to the events and banqueting world. Our favourite partnership farm is Sylvan Star Cheese. Their award winning Gouda is lactose free and contains no additives or antibiotics. It’s paired incredibly on our charcuterie boards on which Executive Chef Andrew loves to showcase ‘nose to tail’ artisan meats and sausage (it can’t be local in Alberta without world famous Alberta Beef)! With our core values of intriguing, indigenous, and independent, every part of Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel works to encourage clients to discover everything the locale has to offer.